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//www.instagram.com/p/BMzGPrlD5C6/embed/ Glazing over the grisaille. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the flashy production values. Full video at mattharveyart.com #grisaille #portrait #art #oilpainting #contemporaryart #underpainting #glazing #portraitpainting #devon

Dawn by William Reid Dick I like this carving of a sleeping child, and the neat wrapping of the head with folds of fabric. The stone is given a nice fleshy quality and the carving feels as if its been done so tenderly, as the artist literally felt his way around and over the folds […]

Working on ‘Alice’ – Usually I’m wearing a huge mask, and you can see I’m being showered with little chips of stone in a dust cloud. I use a nylon mallet, which shouldn’t be so misshapen, but for some abuse with the wrong chisels. Hammer headed chisels have a very small end to them which […]