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Would be nice to do another version of this one day – carved directly in Carrara marble using photos as a reference #carrara #marble #directcarving #contemporaryart #sculpture #portrait #stonecarving #babygirl #elbowgrease #portraitsculpture #marblesculpture #stonesculpture #devon

Dawn by William Reid Dick I like this carving of a sleeping child, and the neat wrapping of the head with folds of fabric. The stone is given a nice fleshy quality and the carving feels as if its been done so tenderly, as the artist literally felt his way around and over the folds […]

Working on ‘Alice’ – Usually I’m wearing a huge mask, and you can see I’m being showered with little chips of stone in a dust cloud. I use a nylon mallet, which shouldn’t be so misshapen, but for some abuse with the wrong chisels. Hammer headed chisels have a very small end to them which […]

I came across this portrait bust of a man [Roman 1st Century BCE] the other day online, in the Met’s great collection. Some of my favourite Roman portraiture is Republican. If you like the ‘lived in’ face look, no one did it like these guys. Long days at the office and on the battlefield really […]

This is a photo of me using a ‘point’ to carve out large quantities of marble from a block to create a portrait. I’m using a mallet to hit the point – I’ve always preferred one to a hammer, less noisy. I can cut lines along the surface of the stone and smash off big […]