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Changing light across Dartmoor

This painting sums up my painting practice at the moment. I’m interested in the moment of change itself. Here the change from light to shade, and the kaleidoscopic colours that result across the hills on Dartmoor in typical English weather. I loved painting the blues and deep violets against the ochres and umbers in the […]

2 styles of landscape painting

Hi there I wrote this for a presentation as part of a show recently, so I thought I would put it up here I spend a lot of time in the local landscape, especially Dartmoor. The landscape here is always changing and the main subject of my paintings is the depiction of this changing light […]

Dartmoor from Haytor, first pass

This is the result of the first go at this painting of beautiful Dartmoor. I will definitely give it a glaze but its nice to have a record of this stage. The important thing is not to overdo it! Like Pisarro I have been trying to ‘escape the dot’, and am relishing a return to […]

Thoughts about dots and landscape painting

I had to write a brief statement for an upcoming show so thought I would share it here: The British landscape has always held a deep fascination for me. Living in south west England means I spend a lot of time in the local landscape, especially on Dartmoor, a beautiful landscape in all seasons, and […]

Pointillist landscape painting

I’ve been on a journey this year, as has everyone else. In the studio I have started painting landscapes again, and my artistic journey, with many twists and turns and uneven paths, has led me to a series of pointillist landscape paintings. It ties many different strands in my work, but I think the main […]

Portraits in a landscape

I can’t take too much credit for the composition of this one which was originally photographed on the Cornish coast, one of my favourite places! I like the dribble of seawater coming off the net on the left. Its a good dribble. This was another painting that I began in acrylics and finished in oil […]

Portrait in acrylic and oils

This is a portrait I did a while ago but have never shown it. Its actually a posthumous portrait from a photo. I found it in a folder titled ‘other portraits’ and not having seen it for a while I thought in the end it is probably something worth revisiting. Its interesting because I was […]

Glazing skin tones like Caravaggio

I don’t want to seem like I’m making any grand claims but I hope to show in a new video what for me is something like the process of glazing that Caravaggio used. I’m coming to this based on trial and error. How nice it would be to travel back in time to watch him […]

Posthumous portrait

I have painted a number of these over the years but haven’t shown any until now. I thought this one worked well with the glazing process. I obviously stuck closely to the photo reference I was sent, and I painted the face using a Raw Umber and Titanium White underpainting, or grisaille and then followed […]

Figurative in felt tip

I feel I have finally found a way to bring all the elements of my practice together at the same time and from now will be embarking on a new series of work in pen. As a sculptor by training I have always love drawing first and foremost and specifically drawing from the figure. Figure […]