Portrait of a young girl by Rubens

I’ve started making a copy of this beautiful portrait painting by Rubens, with a view to learning about his underpainting and glazing technique. I realised its quite similar in subject to the first portrait I added to my youTube channel, so it feels fitting that its also the first on my new Patreon channel. All my real- time videos will be there from now on so please have a look patreon.com/mattharveyart

I will try and get a bit more information about this painting when I have time, but for now here are some images of the work in progress.

Peter_Paul_Rubens_-_Portrait_of_a_Young_Girl_-_WGA20359 copy

1st underpainting layer in Raw Umber and White of a copy of Rubens' portrait of a young girl by matt Harvey Art

1st pass on grisaille underpainting with raw umber and titanium white. Next to original Peter Paul Rubens painting

Rubens girl underpainting 1&2, oil on board, matt harvey art copy

1st and 2nd pass on grisaille underpainting with raw umber and titanium white. All filmed in real time on patreon.com/mattharveyart

The video of the second hour of the first pass is available on youtube:

And this is how it compares at the moment. Glazing next!

Rubens portrait of a young girl copied by Matt Harvey Art copy

2nd pass of grisaille next to original. I was fairly happy with it at this stage because I can continue the drawing when I paint the glazes. You can go as far as you like at this point in modelling all the transitions, but I like the way glazing can also do this for you

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