Jewelled Summer, oil on board 40x50cm



Both the land and sky shining like jewels here on this summer day in west Dartmoor. The sunlight pours through the clouds and the whole scene sparkles with life. Dartmoor is a beautiful landscape in all seasons, and everything is always changing. The main subject of my landscape paintings is this change itself. I have painted this oil painting in a pointillist style where I build up the image using dots of colour. I see each dot as a jewel sparkling with life. Each dot is like a full stop and a comma, an exclamation mark and a question mark. All around each dot are others that sparkle in their relation, gem-like and resplendent. Pointillism was originally seen as a way to bring a scientific study of colour into painting, demonstrating the principles of colour relations and complementary colours; how colours affect one another. This style of painting was invented by Georges Seurat who was a neo-impressionist

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Dimensions 50 × 5 × 40 cm