End of the storm, oil on board 40x50cm



Early Autumn on Dartmoor and rain and sunshine are everywhere. I am watching as a storm passes in the distance, the last drops of rain diffusing the light in the valley. The foreground is in shadow and the deep reds of the bracken complement the blues of the sky. The colours and contrasts are breathtaking on Dartmoor, and ceaselessly changing. Everthing sparkles like jewels, and the dots reflect this gem like quality. Each one is different and behaves in different ways without changing itself, depending on the surrounding colours. Here I am using a pointillist style where I build up the image using dots of colour. This style of painting was invented by Georges Seurat who was a neo-impressionist



Please note, due to the current situation where we are in lockdown in the UK, there will be a slight delay in processing your order because my framer is temporarily closed. All paintings are sold framed unless otherwise requested by the buyer.

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Dimensions 50 × 5 × 40 cm