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Matt Harvey, British contemporary portrait artist, based in Devon, UK

I’m a contemporary British landscape and portrait painter based in Devon. My landscape paintings and portraits in both oil and marble are celebrated for the depth of their humanity and vibrant character.

Glazing oil paints is a magical transformative technique where light shines through each glaze, giving the impression that the painting and the sitter are illuminated from within. Each person has a beautiful inner life that is evoked through this method.

My main subjects are light, and how landscapes change in different light and over time. I feel that any landscape is always alive; filled with energy and change. My paintings are the result of a communion I have with the landscape where I try to perceive this energy. I try to ‘feel’ the landscape and capture whatever emotion I experience in the landscape. I live in the south west of England and feel a great love for the english landscape here which I try to express in my paintings.

My portrait paintings have been filmed in real time and show the process of painting these glazes on grisaille, to provide inspiration and instruction to artists learning this technique. These can be found on my youtube channel.

Please send a message in the comments box below, or call to discuss commissioning a painting.

Tel: +44 (0)7855 789 676


2 Comments on “About Matt

  1. Hi Matt came across your video like what you are doing I have found that if you can get the drawing right at the begining things usually work outso I agree with the point you made. As a self “taught” I nick other people ideas and methods from youtube etc which is great, so thank you for posting the video it’s rekindled an interest I explored without much success.

    • Thanks Pete I’m glad it has rekindled your interest! I posted this video because it was the kind of thing I was looking for myself when trying to learn how to glaze oil paints.

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